Spaniels since 1975. English Springer Spaniel since 1987.



I got my first dog in 1975. It was a black/ tan Cocker Spaniel named Pan. He was not a good show-dog but with a teenage owner with a lot of enthusiam he had to do a lot of things. And he did in fact manage to achieve several 1st prizes in obedience.

I love the Spaniel behaviour but wanted a larger dog. The choice was not difficult, it had to be an English Springer Spaniel. It is a choice I have never regretted.   Our first Springer was born in 1986, and her name was NUCH. NSLCH. Lajban's Night Life (Lily). She was a great allround dog, and she won a lot both in the ring and in the field.  She was the first Springer ever in Norway to achieve an obedience champion-title and she is still the only one in the breed to have that title! She is also the only Spaniel to achieve an obedience-title in both Norway and Sweden. In addition to that she had passed the hunting test, she had 1st prize in a tracking trial and she even had a 3rd prize in a field trial.

Lily was the dam of our first litter born in 1990. This litter consisted of five puppies and best known was  INT. DK. NUCH Zelini's Foxglove. A sister to her, NUCH. Zelini's Indian Cresses,  was the dam of our second litter. From this litter NUCH. NV-94 Zelini's Living Daylights was the one to who did the best in the show ring.

In 1992 NUCH. Beeline Wild Strawberry (pictured right)  came to us, and we consider her to be our foundation bitch. She was the dam of three litters  and turned out to be a fantastic brood bitch. To mention some of her off-spring, she is the dam of: CC-winner  Zelini's Double Trouble and NUCH. NV-98 Zelini's Hells Angel.  She is also the proud mum of two very skilful tracking-dogs   NSVCH. Zelini's Easy Rider and NSVCH. Zelini's Harley-Davidson, both litter-mates to NUCH. NV-98 Zelini's Hells Angel. From Marthe's third litter we got NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's No Credit.  We have Marthe's granddaughter NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's Deep Purple at home.  She was born in 1999 by SU(u)CH. Melverly Mystery Maker ex NUCH NV-98 Zelini's Hells Angel.  Now we have Marthe's greatgranddaughter NUCH. SU(u)CH. NORDV-06 Zelini's Strawberry Fields Forever (by CH. Rindi's Triumph Trophy ex CH Zelini's Deep Purple)  and her son NUCH. SU(u)CH. NVCH. Zelini's West Side Story (by SU(u)CH. Wongan Kadenza) in our kennel as well. All our breeding stock is descendants of Marthe. She died 10 1/2  years old in january -03 in cancer. She left a huge void for those who knew her well. To me she is, and always will be, the dog of my life.....



My goal as a breeder:

My goal is to breed healthy, goodlooking, typical Springers with the will to please.

So far 31% of our breeding have achieved prizes in tracking, obedience or hunting tests.  In shows 53% has got CC's or res-CC's.  75% of the dogs we have bred have been x-rayed for HD and most of them are free. Our results are a little better than the average for the breed in Norway which is around 10-12% of the dogs having HD. So we can say that we feel that we manage to reach our goals!







Sire - Dam



INT. SUCH. SV-92 Rowntree Magic Touch - NUCH. NSLCH. Lajban's Night Life



Beeline Tambourine Man - NUCH. Zelini's Indian Cresses



NUCH. NV-92 Rowntree Royal Rival - NUCH. Beeline Wild Strawberry



NUCH. Inu-goya Jazzman - NUCH. Beeline Wild Strawberry



GBSHCH DK NUCH. Chaigmarsh Orchid - NUCH. Beeline Wild Strawberry



Inu-goya Riverdance - Zelini's Double Trouble



Melverly Mystery Maker - NUCH. NV-98 Zelini's Hells Angel



NUCH. NV-00 Zelini's Bon-Bon - Zelini's Deep Purple 



NUCH. SU(u)CH.Zelini's Marshmallow - NUCH. Zelini's Deep Purple



 NUCH. SU(u)CH. SVCH. Rindi's Triumph Trophy - NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's Deep Purple



SU(u)CH. Trimere Tribbiani - Zelini's Jailhouse Rock



FINUCH. Streamside's Kingfisher - NUCH. NVCH.Zelini's Deep Purple



Wongan Kadenza - Zelini's Strawberry Fields Forever



NUCH. Westaway Into the Mystic - NUCH. Zelini's Love Is In the Air



 Alanea Landcruiser - NUCH. SU(u)CH. NORDV-06 Zelini's Strawberry Fields Forever



NUCH. SU(u)CH. NORDJV-03 High Score I'm-Dynamite - NUCH. Zelini's Annie Get Your Gun
2008 6   AUSTCH. Kinsheran Kilimanjaro - NUCH. Zelini's Love Is In the Air
2009 9   SU(u)CH. Cloette's Joy and Pride - NUCH. Zelini's Annie Get Your Gun
2009 9   NUCH. SU(u)CH. NVCH. Zelini's West Side Story - Zelini's Give Me Five
2010 11   Winton The Winner Takes It All - NUCH. Zelini's Cappuccino
2010 3   Multi CH. Linmoor Zimply Zalient - INT NORDUCH. NORDV-06 Zelini's Strawberry Fields Forever
2012 4   Rianlas In The Black at Beresford - NUCH. Zelini's Cappuccino
2013 10   NORDCH. Mompesson Escourt - NCH. Zelini's Cappuccino
2015 9   Astrospring's Orion - Zelini's Private Practice
2016 4   SEU(u)CH. Lizziardhs Laphroaig - Zelini's Private Practice
2017 6   Charlescroft Ripple'N'Roll - Zelini's Dirty Dancing


Our champions so far:

NUCH. NSLCH. Lajban's Night Life
NUCH. Beeline Wild Strawberry
AUST. Reibey Million Dollar Baby
INT DK NUCH. Zelini's Foxglove
NUCH. Zelini's Indian Cresses
NUCH. NV-94 Zelini's Living Daylights
NSVCH. Zelini's Easy Rider
NUCH. NV-98 Zelini's Hells Angel
NSVCH. Zelini's Harley-Davidson
NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's No Credit
NUCH. NV-00 Zelini's Bon-Bon
INT FIN EST N UCH. Zelini's U2 at Livingdale
NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's Roxette
Zelini's Deep Purple
NUCH. SU(u)CH. Zelini's Marshmallow

NUCH. NSVCH. Zelini's Next to Nothing
NUCH. Zelini's Return to Sender
NUCH. Zelini's Jailhouse Rock
LV CH. LTU CH. ESTCH. EST JRCH. EST JRW-05 Zelini's Mad About You
NVCH. Zelini's Cheez Doodles
NUCH. Zelini's Love Is In the Air
NUCH. SU(u)CH. NORDW-06 Zelini's Strawberry Fields Forever
NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's Chess
NUCH. SU(u)CH. NVCH. Zelini's West Side Story
NUCH. Zelini's Jesus Christ Superstar
NUCH. Zelini's Wild Romance
DtJCH. DtCH. VDH Dt Klub CH. Zelini's On Cloud Nine
NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's Annie Get Your Gun
NUCH. Zelini's Fiddler On the Roof
NUCH. Zelini's Macchiato
NUCH. Zelini's Cappuccino
NO VCH. Zelini's Caffe Mocca
NO UCH. Zelini's Surfers Paradise
NO VCH. Zelini's Barossa Valley
NO VCH. Zelini's Diamond Hunter
INT CH. (C.I.B. & C.I.E.) FIN EST LIT LTV BALT RUSS RKF N NORD SEU(u)CH. NW-14 Zelini's Premier League
NUCH. SU(u)CH. DKCH. NORDCH. NVCH. NJW-11 Zelini's Golden Goal

NUCH. SU(u)CH. FINCH. NVCH. NORDW-13 Zelini's Hattrick
NUCH. Zelini's Goalgetter
NUCH. SU(u)CH. NTrCH. Zelini's Corona Extra
NUCH. Zelini's Budweiser
NUCH. NJW-14 Zelini's Body Talk
NUCH. Zelini's Speakers Corner
SEU(u)CH. DKUCH. Zelini's Back To The Future
NUCH. Zelini's Dirty Dancing


4 generations Zelini: From the left  NUCH. NV-98 Zelini's Hells Angel (9,5 years) , NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's Deep Purple (6,5 years), Zelini's West Side Story (5 months) og Zelini's Strawberry Fields Forever (2,5 years).