Kennel Zelini is a small and selective kennel where we believe in quality rather than quantity. During the last 27 years we have bred 156 English Springers from 26 litters. More than every 4th dog bred by us has achieved one or more championtitles, and about 50% of our breeding has got at least one CC !!!! By now we have bred 42 champions with a total of 97 titles.

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NUCH. Zelini's Dirty Dancing
SEU(u)CH. DKUCH. Zelini's Back To The Future
NUCH. Zelini's Goalgetter

NUCH. Zelini's Speakers Corner
NUCH. NJW-14 Zelini's Body Talk
NUCH. Zelini's Budweiser
INT CH. (C.I.B. & C.I.E.) FIN EST LIT LTV RUSS BALT RKF SEU(u)CH NCH. NORDCH. NW-14 Zelini's Premier League
NO UCH. Zelini's Surfers Paradise
NUCH. Zelini's Cappuccino
NUCH. Zelini's Macchiato
NUCH. Zelini's Fiddler On the Roof
DtJCH. DtCH. VDH. Dt Klub CH. Zelini's On Cloud Nine

NUCH. Zelini's Wild Romance
NUCH. Zelini's Jesus Christ Superstar
Zelini's Strawberry Fields Forever
NUCH. Zelini's Love Is In the Air
ESTJRW-05 ESTJRCH. Zelini's Mad About You
Zelini’s Jailhouse Rock

NUCH. Zelini’s Return to Sender
NUCH. SU(u)CH. Zelini's Marshmallow 
INT FIN EST NUCH. Zelini's U2 at Livingdale
NUCH. NV-00 Zelini's Bon-Bon
NUCH. NV-98 Zelini's Hells Angel
NUCH. NV-94 Zelini's Living Daylights
INT N DKUCH. Zelini's Foxglove
NUCH. Zelini's Indian Cresses



NUCH. SU(u)CH. NVCH. Zelini's Corona Extra
Zelini's Hattrick
NUCH. SU(u)CH. DKCH. NORDCH. NVCH. NJV-11 Zelini's Golden Goal
NVCH. Zelini's Annie Get Your Gun
NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's Chess

NUCH. SU(u)CH. NVCH. Zelini's West Side Story

NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's Deep Purple
NUCH. NSVCH. Zelini's Roxette
NUCH. NVCH. Zelini's No Credit

NUCH. NSVCH. Zelini's Next to Nothing



NVCH. Zelini's Barossa Valley
NVCH. Zelini's Diamond Hunter
NVCH. Zelini's Caffe Mocca
NSVCH. Zelini's Easy Rider
NSVCH. Zelini's Harley-Davidson
NVCH. Zelini's Cheez Doodles


Other champions:

AUSTCH. Reibey Million Dollar Baby
NUCH. Beeline Wild Strawberry
NUCH. NSLCH. Lajban's Night Life


Other winners:

Zelini's Casablanca - 2 x CC, 2 x BOS, 1st prize tracking trial
Zelini's Dirty Dancing - 1 x CC, res. CC, BIS-3 junior
Zelini's Sunset Boulevard - CQ, classwinner (shown once)
Zelini's Private Practice - 1 x CC, 1 x res. CC
Zelini's Criminal Minds - qualified for searching wounded game
Zelini's Guinness Extra Stout - 1st prize tracking trial, qualified for searching wounded game
Zelini's Goalkeeper - res. CC, res. cacib
Zelini's Target Man - jr-CC, jr-BOS, BOS  (in Estonia)
Zelini's Playmaker - res. CC
Zelini's Remington Sportsman - 4 x CC, cacib, 3 x BOS, BOB, 2 x 1st prize tracking trial, qualified for searching wounded game
Zelini's Great Sandy Desert - EXC
Zelini's Alice Springs - passed hunting test
Zelini's Double Espresso - EXC
Zelini's The Chosen One - 1st prize obedience class 1, 1st prize obedience class 2, class winner in both classes
Zelini's Give Me Five - CC, BOS
Zelini's Triumph Spitfire - EXC.
Zelini's Crush On You - passed hunting test
Zelini's Fruit Cake - CC, BOB, BIG-2
Zelini's Bilberry Pie - 2 x CC, BOS, BOB, BIG-3, 1. pr. tracking trial
Zelini's Eurocard - EXC
Zelini's Double Trouble - 2 x CC, cacib, BOS
Zelini's For Your Eyes Only - 3 x CC, BOS     
Zelini's Live and Let Die - 2 x 1. pr. tracking trials, exc., passed hunting test, qual. for searching wounded game
Zelini's Thunderball - EXC, 4 x 1. pr. class 1 obedience
Zelini's Windflower - 2 x CC, passed hunting test
Zelini's Corn Bluebottle - EXC, 10 x 1. pr. class 1 obedience